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Born in Belgium to English and Belgian parents, raised in the Midwest United States, an 8-year Veteran of the US Air Force, and now living in Colorado, Michael Jenet has spent a lifetime following his dreams and passion for helping others. 

Having been the victim of ‘predatory publishing’ himself, he began researching the publishing industry and did not like what he saw. Continuing the work with his wife at the 50 in 52 Journey and its mission, together they created a non-profit publishing house specifically to flip the publishing model. Journey Institute Press was created to benefit the author over the publisher and use traditional non-profit fundraising as the mechanism to make this happen. 

Journey Institute Press is now the focus of Michael’s work as he endeavors to give authors the tools, resources, and support they need to be successful and help tell the stories that otherwise would not be told. In his limited spare time he is also turning his writing talents to fiction and stories that came during the pandemic and will soon be published under imprints from Journey Institute Press.


Fiction Introducing DI Jillian Scotte

Available Now!

Someone has been killed and the murderer is leaving a trail of body parts all over England. Is a drowning victim a one-off, or part of something much more sinister? And a brutal killing captured on video launches the search for a deranged killer who enjoys their work. Three Crimes. Three victims. One detective. The hunt begins.

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Trouble Comes In Threes: Introducing Detective Inspector Jillian Scotte
Jenet, Michael R

Now Available


Non-Fiction Living your best life


Michael Jenet is an ordinary man with extraordinary insight.  A self described “recovering corporate CEO” , he has studied the human condition for over thirty years, read countless volumes from classic authors of every spectrum of the personal achievement genre. He has researched each nuance of what makes some people successful and keeps others from succeeding. A TEDx Speaker, CEO in both the for-profit, and not-for-profit sectors, he has been a coach, mentor, a guest lecturer to entrepreneurs. His first book, ASK, won the International Book Award Finalist in the self-help category.

His second book, A Better Life, tells the story of an ordinary man yearning to follow his dream and the struggles he faces along the way. Along with the story are life-changing principles to help readers take control of their lives and move towards a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience; in short, a better life.  It’s a story of risks, dreams, hope, and triumph.

When he is not working on his next book he is working with his wife in the company they co-founded, The Journey Institute, and curating TEDx events via their TED licensed TEDx Cherry Creek

He lives with his family in Colorado.

International Best Selling and Award Winning Author


Michael Jenet is an International Best Selling and Award Winning author of books on personal development.

Michael Jenet | TEDx Talk | MOTIVESTIONS

This TEDx Talk, given in 2011 was the core that became Michael Jenet’s first book ASK: The Questions to Empower Your Life.

MOTIVESTIONS™ is the culmination of Jenet’s work to date and provides the most flexible and yet powerful tools for anyone to realize the achievement they’re looking for. Whether you have a goal or not; whether you know your dream or not; even if you know what you want but have no idea how or what to do to get it, this presentation will help you. This is not simply a sharing of knowledge garnered over years of study, listening, and reading, but a true-to-life example of someone as ‘ordinary’ as you who achieved what he wanted in life by using the very tools he will be sharing with you.

If you have questions or want more information about me or my books please get in touch.